Challenge: Create a brand new website for PetSmart Careers from scratch. Interview 30+ PetSmart associates to gain real insight into what it’s really like to work at PetSmart. Use this information to develop… Continue reading


Challenge: Position Corrections Corporation of America as an employer of choice. Interview 20+ employees to gain key insight into what it’s really like to work at a prison. Develop a campaign concept that… Continue reading


Challenge: Position HSN as a fun and exciting place to work. Develop headlines for HSN’s career website that align with HSN’s consumer brand voice. Implement these headlines into a new career website with… Continue reading


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Nestle Waters

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Insight: Slimmers will tell you they want to lose weight to be healthier and feel great. That’s not what they’re really after. It’s time to be honest. . Campaign Idea: Be honest about… Continue reading

red stripe beer

CHALLENGE: Capture the spirit of Jamaica and spread the contagious positive attitude of Red Stripe CAMPAIGN IDEA: UNEXPECTED POSITIVITY . Television/Video . . Blippar Augmented Reality App . Red Stripe Twitter feed will… Continue reading


Background Information: Since 1865, Bertolli has conveniently delivered quality ingredients prepared right, with consistent results every time. . Insight: Those of us who work hard would like to play hard. To make sure… Continue reading

obama 2012

The Martin Agency / School of Visual Arts Student Competition. THE WINNING CAMPAIGN: Let’s Finish the Job. – Video produced by Joe Alexander and The Martin Agency Team: . The Concept: The time… Continue reading

jose cuervo

. Animatic for Video: . Digital:

dynamic bicycles

Background Information: Dynamic Bikes is the world’s largest manufacturer of chainless bicycles. Their chainless drive-shaft technology provides a clean, smooth, safe ride making their bicycles easier to operate and maintain than chain bicycles.… Continue reading


Student Award: Graphis New Talent 2012 – PLATINUM Art Director / Copywriter: Jamie Kakleas (Concept & Execution)


Student Award: Graphis New Talent 2012 – GOLD Art Director / Copywriter: Jamie Kakleas (Concept & Execution)

amazon kindle

 . Digital Banner . Ambient Idea: Book ends on elevator doors come together, when poof! A Kindle appears.   Art Director / Copywriter: Jamie Kakleas (Concept & Executions)

mr. clean

Idea: Delete Dirt . Ambient Idea: Keyboard stickers would be placed on ‘delete’ keys on office keyboards, or distributed to workers in offices. Each time the ‘delete’ key is pressed erasing unwanted material,… Continue reading

parents. the anti-drug

Interactive Web Banner: An interactive web banner will be placed on parenting websites to inform parents about common teenage drug abuse behavior. The banner displays an image of a pill bottle cap. Using… Continue reading

gary fisher bikes

Dual Sport Bicycles – On Road / Off Road Ambient Idea: Bike lanes on city streets will be lined with images of grass, sand, and dirt for Dual Sport Trail & Road Bicycles.… Continue reading